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Innokin Endura T20-S Vape Kit

Innokin Endura T20-S Vape Kit

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The Innokin Endura T20-S is a simple to use vape pen which uses 'sub-ohm' coils for higher vapour production and a richer taste. Suitable for use with regular and high VG e liquids.

Sub-ohm vaping - Sub-ohm coils produce more vapour which is warmer and a stronger ‘throat hit’ (the sensation you feel at the back of the throat when you inhale nicotine)

Dimensions - The assembled e cigarette is 13.2 cm long and 2.2 cm in diameter

Comfort - The blue and red models feature a rubberized soft-touch material making them very comfortable to grip

Rechargeable battery - The Endura T20-S has an internal rechargeable battery, operated easily by using a single button

Battery capacity - The battery has a high 1500 mAh capacity. This measures how much energy it can store at one time. High capacities last longer before needing to charge

Prism T20-S tank - The included Prism T20-S tank is made from durable materials (stainless steel & pyrex glass with a Delrin mouthpiece) and simply screws into the top of the battery

Top fill - You fill the tank from the top, so you do not need to remove it from the rest of the device or turn it upside down. This is much easier and cleaner than base-filling tanks

Tank capacity - The tank holds 2 ml of e liquid - the maximum allowed under UK regulations

Mouthpieces - The mouthpiece on the tank is interchangeable and an alternative version is also provided

Prism S coils - The kit comes with two ‘Prism S’ coils (one of which is pre-installed in the tank) and features a ‘no-spill coil swap system’

Sub ohm coils - Sub-ohm simply means that the coil resistance is less than one ohm (0.8 ohm). Sub-ohm coils create more vapour than higher resistance coils. Replacement Innokin Prism S coils are available at mvshop.

Organic cotton - The wick inside the coil is made from Japanese organic cotton which provides a purer, cleaner taste than low quality fibre alternatives

MTL - The T20-S supports ‘mouth-to-lung’ (MTL) vaping - you draw the vapour into your mouth first before inhaling into the lungs. This is how cigarettes are usually smoked